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Lorraine Takaendesa

About Honey & Blanckenberg Honey & Blanckenberg is a full service law firm with 130 years of experience in the legal field in Zimbabwe, known for its quality professional services which are rendered in a timely and cost efficient matter. The Honey & Blanckenberg Intellectual Property Department has extensive experience and skill in protecting Intellectual […]

Mailos Nhokwara

About Mailos Nhokwara Mailos has extensive experience of intellectual property operations, processes and business systems. He practices intellectual property law for the protection of intellectual creations, designs, trademarks and patents. He firmly believes that managing intellectual property goes far beyond obtaining a patent, trademark or design. Having spent over ten years at the African Regional […]

Simba Makahamadze

About Palladium IP Consultants Our unique blend of #intellectualproperty services are focused on helping clients build, protect and manage their intellectual property. This all begins with #innovation, which is the lifeblood of a thriving #economy in today’s fast-paced, competitive world. Out of innovation comes new technologies, products, and services that propel a country forward and […]