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Ricardo J. Bendaña-Guerrero

Patent and Trademark Attorney

About Ricardo J. Bendaña-Guerrero

Ricardo J. Bendaña-Guerrero holds degrees in Engineering and Law, as well as a master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law. In 1986 he obtained his engineering degree from Florida International University. After working as an engineer for several years, he decided to join his father’s law firm, Bendaña & Bendaña, for which purpose, he pursued a law degree in Nicaragua from Universidad Americana (Managua, Nicaragua), which he obtained in 1998, and subsequently incorporated as an Attorney with the Nicaraguan Supreme Court in 1999. Mr. Bendaña obtained his Master of Laws from the University of Alicante in Spain in 1999. His master’s degree, of over 600 hours of face-to-face classes, centered around patents of invention, trademarks, designs and copyrights. In order to be awarded the degree, he successfully defended a thesis entitled Comparison of Word Marks Involving Elements Lacking Distinctiveness before an international jury, in which he critically analyzed several judgments of the Nicaraguan Supreme Court. Later, with additional materials, he published his thesis as a book.Throughout his professional life, Mr. Bendaña has been closely involved in trademark and patent prosecution, enforcement and litigation. Mr. Bendaña routinely oversees the response to office actions to patent applications issued by the Patent Offices in Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica, as well as the response to office actions and oppositions to trademark applications in Nicaragua and other Central American countries. In addition, he oversees the drafting and submission of oppositions to trademark applications by third parties in Nicaraguan and other Central American countries. He has successfully participated in numerous lawsuits related to trademark and patent infringement, in which he has obtained the seizure of infringing goods, and subsequently the declaration in a judgment that the infringement took place. He also has participated in proceedings before the Nicaraguan Supreme Court in cases involving trademarks and patents.  As part of his work, Mr. Bendaña routinely deals with a variety of clients, including individuals, multi-national, national, and local companies involved in many  different industries, including pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, agricultural, financial services, beverage, manufacturing, etc.


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